Safe Pass Course Is Now Open in County Clare


Construction Crews in County Clare Can Now Meet Regulatory Training Requirements

Safety awareness is as important in County Clare as anywhere else in Ireland. Our training programme is coming to the Mid-West Region. On-site construction personnel and those aiming to work in the industry must pass health and safety training to earn their FAS/Solas pass card. The card is required for all site workers per the Construction Regulations 2006.

Locations are being set up to take the one-day course. It is open to people 16 years of age and older. Attendees must also be fluent in English.

The course is designed to promote safety on the construction site. It covers various duties and responsibilities and best practices for accident reporting and prevention. Students also learn about working at heights, on excavation sites, in confined spaces, and with electricity.

A range of other important safety topics are covered. The syllabus includes proper use of protective equipment, hand held tools, and vehicles. A health and hygiene section is also included.

Before one can earn their Safe Pass card, they must pass a multiple choice test following the course. The organiser will read the questions at the end of the day.

Exact locations and dates for the Quick Safe Pass course will be posted on this website.