Take the Safe Pass Course in County Kerry


Safety Awareness Training Now Available for Construction Personnel in Kerry

Quick Safe Pass has extended its reach into South-West Ireland. This area includes the County capital of Tralee and the towns of Dingle and Killarney. The one day basic safety training course is required for construction site workers to obtain an FAS/Solas safe pass card via a national educational programme.

Construction workers and security personnel are eligible to attend the Safe Pass Programme. It instills basic knowledge of health and safety topics and also focuses on preventing accidents and avoiding serious health hazards on the job site. Accident reporting/prevention is a major focus.

The Safe Pass Course also promotes awareness of safely working on excavations, in confined spaces, and at heights. Candidates also learn about safe practices when working with electricity and how to safely use protective equipment. The course also covers hand held equipment/tools, vehicle safety, noise and vibration, and hygiene.

Construction workers in Kerry can complete the course in a single day. The class culminates in one multiple choice assessment led by the course organiser. Passing the programme allows one to continue pursuing their training.

In Ireland, all construction workers must have a Safe Pass card in order to perform their duties and maintain employment. Our programme is an affordable and convenient means to get on track.